ANFA PHARMACEUTICALShas the experience of partnership with Uzbek and international companies and is interested in further expansion of partnership relations.

The Company uses various options for expanding the product portfolio from developing of its own dietary supplements to joint projects with foreign and domestic producers. In the framework of projects to introduce new products to the market, ANFA PHARMACEUTICALS strives to unite its efforts with professional partners who have strong competencies and are ready to work in cooperation.

We see partnerships and cooperation with academia, biological-chemical scientific research institutions, businesses, charities and individuals as a fundamental part of building a successful, diversified, global healthcare business. Working with foreign partners helps us advance our scientific researchesin this field and increment product portfolio that can address the health needs of people around the world.

We are already involved in a wide range of collaborations with internal – external partners in many different countries, but we are always keen to hear from you if you are interested in:

A Business partnership – cooperation in the development and distribution of new and existing products;

An academic research and development partnership – to discover and develop new products which tackle key health problems of people around the world.

For cooperation, contact the business development department by phone: +998 (95) 195 59 00 or via email: or fill out the online application