Partnerships – Business development

Partnership plays a major part in the success of the Company. This is exemplified in the relationships we’ve built, products we’ve launched and lives we’ve improved.

We place great importance on partnering with other companies, institutions, and organizations because we know that many great ideas come from outside of our company.

ANFA PHARMACEUTICALS is set to strengthen its sales and distribution capability in different countries and a Business to Business unit has been created to provide a wide range of integrated solutions. In the B2B environment, we use our skills to build a vision and bring the best feasible solutions to our partners. Our experience and expertise are crucial for better understanding of your needs in a strictly regulated pharma environment. Working in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry, we are accepting the responsibility for human health and life. Thus, the quality of our products and the safety of patients are our priorities.

We also know that our alliance may face unique opportunities during our mutual partnership. In order to achieve fruitful results, we need to cooperate to meet the market demand and produce prolific in demand phyto-products, accordingly. So, if this is what you’re looking for in an alliance partner, we should start negotiations.

R&D Partnerships – Academic collaborations

Partnering with academic researchers and research institutions is an important part of our research and development activities. These partnerships have become especially relevant in the face of increasing economic pressure and global competition, the need for interdisciplinary approaches and the growing complexity of the problems need solutions.

In recent years, there has been a revival of partnering between academic institutions and private industry that’s poised to address many of the modern challenges to advancing research, innovation, and technological development.

Meanwhile, private businesses are facing increased pressure to do more with fewer resources. Many industries have shifted their focus from investing in long-term, discovery-based R&D efforts toward shorter-term strategies that identify and target consumer needs and trends.

Find out how we work with academic institutions and what we can offer in terms of mutual benefits to potential research partners.

We have a core list of interests, however, if you are not working in an area on which we currently have a particular focus, it may still be worth contacting us as we are always keen to broaden our knowledge.

For cooperation, contact the business development department by phone: +998 (95) 195 59 00 or via email: or fill out the online application