Each film-coated tablet contains:

Grape Seed Extracе
Green Tea Extraсе
Soy Isoflavones
Collagen Peptide (Type 1)
Ascorbic acid (Vit. C)
Tocopherol acetate (Vit. E)
Excipients: talc, microcrystalline cellulose, starch, dibasic calcium phosphate, magnesium stearate, colloidal silicon dioxide.

In a Package: 30 tablets.
Each tablet: 1150mg.


The appearance of a person is, first of all, the beauty and youth of his/her skin, the shine of healthy hair, and, importantly, beautiful and well-groomed nails. The key task of cosmetologists is to preserve and extend female beauty. For these purposes, numerous cosmetics and various procedures are used everything that can protect the skin from the influence of external factors and withstand the most serious culprits of skin-aging – free radicals.

But no matter what means we use in the fight against age, the deficit of basic essential substances by external means is not compensated.


The composition of DAMA PERFETTA is rich and unique:

Grape seed extract, which promotes collagen synthesis, soothes, possesses antioxidant, capillary-strengthening, anti-inflammatory effect and restores skin youth and elasticity.

 Green tea extract is rich in antibacterial and antiseptic properties, in addition, it helps to normalize metabolic processes in the tissues, heal and soothe damaged skin, improve complexion, and also cleanse the skin and narrow pores. Caffeine, contained in green tea, helps to reduce puffiness, and also significantly improves skin nutrition and blood microcirculation, and the tannins in this invigorating drink make the skin more elastic.

 Lycopene for women is known for its cosmetic effect in protecting elastin and collagen from free radicals, strengthening and intertwining collagen fibers with an elastin chain, which slows down the aging process, slows down the elasticity of the skin, the appearance of aging spots and wrinkles.

Soy isoflavones are a natural source of the female hormone estrogen. This hormone is extremely important because it normalizes the hormonal background in the body of a woman, thereby preserving beauty and health. So, it is responsible for the appearance of the hair, the condition of the skin, greatly affects the course of the menstrual cycle and other cycles in the female body until old age. When the age of forty comes, a woman’s body produces significantly less estrogen.

Phytoestrogens of soybeans have a selective effect in the female body: they can have both estrogenic and anti-estrogenic activity, taking into account the amount of estrogen in the blood.

– The action of isoflavones is similar to the action of a woman’s own estrogen, which deprives the female body of possible side effects.

 Collagen is a protein that forms the basis of the connective fibers of the skin and provides it with strength, elasticity, and firmness. Accordingly, a lack of collagen in the body leads to sagging and wrinkles.

 Vitamin C has the following actions in its formulation:

Immune booster.

Rejuvenation. It has good antioxidant properties. There is a lifting effect without injections of beauty and plastic surgery.

Sun protection. Activation of the production of natural collagen leads to the protection of the epidermis from ultraviolet radiation. The self-regulation mode will be activated.

Protection against slagging. Helps to eliminate toxins from the body and dermis. Hence, puffiness and blockage are eliminated, blood circulation and metabolic processes are accelerated. Slags are removed with sweat and human waste without harm.

Tocopherol acetate (Vitamin E) has the following functions:

  • acts as a powerful antioxidant;
  • stimulates protein synthesis, promotes the formation of new cells, which is expressed by good tissue regeneration;
  • strengthens the immune system, protects cells from viruses and bacteria;
  • participates in the functions of internal secretion systems (ovaries, adrenal glands, thyroid gland, pituitary gland), stimulates the production of hormones.

Biotin contains B vitamins, which contribute to the absorption and processing of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Biotin is also prescribed for the treatment and growth of hair in cases where there is an appearance of gray hair, brittleness, increased oily hair, and their dryness.

A biotin deficiency can lead to poor nutrition of the hair follicle with beneficial substances.

 L-Glutathione assists to get rid of free radicals, which can greatly harm a human body. Free radicals are highly active compounds that destroy cells. Another important fact that menopause leads to a decrease in glutathione levels. For many women, this is comparable to tragedy, since at this time the aging process becomes most obvious.

Adequate glutathione in the body can slow down the aging process. Glutathione is a knight which fights for the youth and beauty of the skin.

Glutathione is a natural way to lighten skin.

Studies have shown that increasing glutathione levels makes the skin more radiant and lighter. This is due to the fact that glutathione stimulates the production of various types of melanin.

Zinc is absolutely necessary for the formation of collagenase, an enzyme that promotes the rejection of dead and old cells of the upper layer of the epidermis and accelerates the process of skin renewal.


Side effects are very rare. If serious side effects occur, intake of the supplement should be discontinued immediately and it is advised to consult a doctor.


There are no data on the interaction with any other medications.

  • Compensation for deficiency of vitamins and other necessary elements;
  • Elimination of age-related collagen deficiency, slowing down the aging process;
  • Improving the appearance of skin, hair, and nails;
  • Reducing the manifestations of cellulite;
  • Weight loss.

Pregnancy, childhood, hypersensitivity to the supplement.


The duration of treatment and the dose is determined by a physician for each patient individually.


1 tablet 2 times a day during a meal.

The supplement is recommended to be taken at the same time while eating. Tablets should be swallowed wholly without chewing with a small amount of liquid.

The duration of treatment is between 3-6 months.

If necessary, it is possible to increase the duration of the course of treatment or its repetition.


No cases of adverse events resulting from an overdose of the supplement have been reported.


The supplement should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place and out of the reach of children at a temperature of + 2°C + 25°C. Protect from direct sunlight and moisture.
Shelf life: 24 months.

The information presented on the site should not be used for self-diagnosis and treatment and can not serve as a substitute for a doctor's internal consultation.