The “TOP PHARM SERVICE” LLC produces biologically active herbal additives collected far beyond snow-capped mountains, including herbal supplements for the treatment of skin disease, treatment of respiratory disease, treatment of disease of eyes, nose and ears, treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tracts, treatment of diseases of the thyroid gland, treatment of diseases of the prostate and urinary system, phyto-preparations for the treatment of gynecological diseases, moreover, natural calcium-containing preparations,anti-diabetic agents of herbal origin,sedatives and antidepressants of herbal origin and herbal supplements for toning up the appetite.

  • The production side includes:
  • 2 factories for the production of finished preparations

  • Center for Quality Control

  • Center for Research and Development

  • Warehouses of finished products, raw materials and other materials.

The production factories of the company are equipped with modern equipment from leading suppliers. The production factories and the qualified personnel of the ANFA PHARMACEUTICALS engaged in ensuring the fast and reliable implementation of the most up-to-date technological processes and the latest technologies.

The design and layout of the premises and the placement of equipment provide a logical sequence of operations of the production process, prevent the entanglement of various types of products and their components and exclude the impact of any adverse factors for product quality.

The personnel of all the divisions of the Company tends to have a high level of qualification and extensive practical experience for solving the tasks of production, provision, and control of the quality of products.